Leveraging Traditional SCADA into Asset Optimization

For over 30 years, traditional SCADA systems have been successfully deployed in the oil and gas industry. These systems address downtime, extend coverage of pumpers/operators, increase safety, reduce leaks and spills, and more. The ultimate goal of these systems continues to be increased production and lowered cost of operations.



SCADA has proven to be a stable platform for those companies that have adapted asset management based on the new data brought to their operations with this technology. These systems initiated a paradigm shift change in how we looked at things and reacted to the new data. Today, while SCADA is extremely important, we realize that it does not reach the level of Asset Optimization that companies now require.

SCADA was designed to communicate in a very specific format with the field staff, production foremen, and operations. It wasn’t designed to optimize communications with data relative to a team of production or reservoir engineers. SCADA is just one source of data, yet a very important source of data for the larger goal of Asset Optimization.

OVS Group recognizes the limitations of getting the correct data moving upward into the organizations, and we understand the gap between departments. We see the many silos of operations with professionals spending many frustrating hours gathering data for reports, attempting to view multiple applications with different standards, and trying to optimize their wells. OVS Group is working with major oil and gas producers, offering an analytical library of workflows and dashboards that allow them to focus completely on optimizing their OT operations.



Our team of production engineers and developers have years of experience with previous technology in the oil and gas industry. We recognize the next wave of Asset Optimization. The solution fit for Asset Optimization has to be a new concept, not just focused on big data. It cannot be a just another technology that just pushes more data to the isolated teams, it has to give direction and guidance to an already overloaded staff. It requires internal analytics, advanced alarm exception reports/schemas and intelligence to filter out the big data noise and direct intelligent information to meet the operations’ greatest needs. The solution has to include SCADA data, manual data entry programs, production reports, financial costs, forecasts and wellview logs, along with other information. The criteria of this solution included breaking the mold of traditional processes and changing the way companies think, reaching outside the box to make a difference.

One Virtual Source is the software solution that makes a difference

The result of developing this solution has been amazing. Costs are coming in at 25% of the typical industry deployment costs due to the One Virtual Source existing library of workflows for the customer.



Our software solution has been designed to connect to your data, inform you of your actionable events and optimize your assets at the highest speed of deployment in the industry. When you are ready to move to the next level of Asset Optimization, our experienced team is here.

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