Meet the management team of globally-recognized experts.

Jose N. Alvarez, Chief Executive Officer

Jose N. Alvarez serves as Chief Executive Officer for OVS® Group, and is a founding member of the company. He is credited with the original development of the flagship One Virtual Source platform, and his innovative contributions to the field of Digital Oilfield technology continue to drive the success of the company to ever-greater heights. Within OVS Group, his strategies and leadership are responsible for leading the company through a period of accelerated growth, by establishing One Virtual Source as the premier platform for delivery of customer-focused engineering solutions.

As a production and reservoir engineering professional with over 32 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Alvarez has gained global recognition as the creator of a number of engineering and software solutions, including the Production Analyst (PA©) and the OilField Manager (OFM©). Prior to founding OVS Group, Mr. Alvarez has previously served as a Global Deployment Manager and as a VP of Development with Schlumberger Information Systems, as founder of OGCI Software, and other various senior management positions. He received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, and is a member of SPE.

Larry Denver, President

Larry Denver serves as President of OVS Group and is responsible for overseeing business and project operations. With an increased focus on operational and commercial strategy, Mr. Denver is driving the transition of OVS Group from startup to mature commercial provider.

Mr. Denver has over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, spending the majority of his career in senior management positions. Prior to joining OVS Group, Mr. Denver served as President of Knowledge Reservoir, CEO and Chairman of Ascend Geo, LLC, and co-founder and Managing Director of TraceStone LLC. Mr. Denver served as Vice President, Reservoir Operations, at Input / Output (NYSE:IO) and was a partner at Simmons Company Fund (SCF partners), where he provided support on investments and served as Chairman of the Board of World Oil. Before joining SCF, Mr. Denver worked for Schlumberger GeoQuest for six years, where his last assignment was in support of software and business development as Vice President and General Manager of Reservoir Products. He received a B.S. in geology and an M.S. in sedimentology from the University of Kansas, and is a member of SPE.

Jose A. (Cheo) Alvarez, Chief Operating Officer & Executive VP

Jose A. (Cheo) Alvarez serves as Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President for OVS Group, and is a founding member of the company. In his capacity, Mr. Alvarez is responsible for overseeing global business operations, including engineering services and client relations. Throughout his career with OVS, his work has been instrumental to delivering accelerated, sustainable growth to the rapidly-expanding business.

His main technical interests are in the development and implementation of enabling technologies for the Digital Oilfield, specifically with a focus on the application of advanced workflow techniques to engineering processes. He has a background in Petroleum Engineering, with a B.S. from Texas A&M University, along with continuing education courses in Management and Computer Science. He is a member of SPE.

Sebastiano Barbarino, Chief Technology Officer

Sebastiano Barbarino serves as Chief Technology Officer for OVS Group, and is a founding member of the company. In his capacity, Mr. Barbarino is responsible for continuous, client-focused innovation of the company’s product line and the delivery of superior quality engineering solutions to clients around the world. His work has resulted in some of the most advanced Digital Oilfield solutions in the world to-date, and he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible when engineering and IT work in harmony.

Mr. Barbarino has previously served as a Professor of Computer Science at Universidad de Zulia, and as a senior reservoir and field development engineer with PDVSA. He graduated from the Universidad de Zulia with a B.S. in Computer Science, and Reservoir Engineering. He is a member of SPE.

Louis Desroches, Chief Strategy Officer

Louis Desroches serves as Chief Strategy Officer for OVS Group, where he is responsible for directing the global business strategies of the company and managing worldwide partner relations. Mr. Desroches is credited with establishing many of the new business partnerships and clients of the company since its inception, and he continues to drive the company strategy of accelerated, sustainable growth through delivery of superior quality software and service solutions.

Mr. Desroches brings over 32 years of successful worldwide experience encompassing all aspects of strategy, planning, sales, marketing, and operations management in the upstream E&P services industry. Prior to joining OVS Group, Louis worked for Schlumberger for 28 years in various senior management and field positions, including Director of Worldwide Services Sales, Director of Partnerships and M&A, and Operations Manager – Nigeria and Venezuela. Louis holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Laval University, Quebec, Canada, and is a member of SPE.



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