OVS Group Appoints Sebastiano Barbarino as Chief Executive Officer  


HOUSTON, Texas — July 27th, 2015 — OVS Group  today announced that Sebastiano Barbarino will assume the role as Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. Jose N. Alvarez will maintain a full-time role at OVS Group as the Chief Research Officer and continue to serve as Chairman of OVS Group’s Board. The new OVS structure will better leverage the skills of its executives and ensures that OVS continues to differentiate it’s optimization-workflow automation far into the future.

“With the downturn in the Oil & Gas market our clients depend even more on us to provide surveillance and optimization tools. Sebastiano is the perfect person to provide stability and strong leadership as we continue to grow our business and help our customers make the most out of our technology,” said OVS Group Chairman Jose N. Alvarez.

Sebastiano has been with OVS Group since the beginning and currently serves as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. He has managed and supported the majority of OVS Group’s client projects and is responsible for many advancements in the software platform. “The instability and uncertainty in the Oil & Gas market has created a lot of growth for OVS Group’s surveillance and optimization tools. We are focused on expanding our project delivery, training, and support groups to assist our clients who need more efficient operations and engineering practices now, more than ever.”

“Jose has created an amazing software optimization framework and built a strong and successful company around it. I am honored to lead OVS Group into the future and I am certain this structure will accelerate his ability to deliver many new innovations as we continue our growth ,” said Sebastiano Barbarino.

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