Immediate access. Actionable information.

Immediate access. Actionable information.

Monitor assets and equipment status with
Surveillance by Exception

Surveillance by Exception automatically prioritizes your operational activities using the most comprehensive library of surveillance methods available today. Using a variety of advanced methods, Surveillance by Exception automatically checks current field and equipment status against normal expected operating conditions. Alarm notifications are automatically generated and sent to the right people by email, SMS, or on-screen alerts. Surveillance results and analytics can be further evaluated in reports, charts, maps, and other visualization tools to ensure rapid and informed decision making by your asset team.

Prioritized Opportunities

One Virtual Source automatically prioritize the tasks that must be investigated. With a wide variety of monitoring and ranking tools, the Surveillance by Exception module prioritizes your daily opportunities and candidates so you can focus on the events that most impact performance.

Advanced Surveillance Methods

Surveillance by Exception provides more than 35 configurable methods to investigate your data. User-defined and pre-programmed methods provide you with the tools to compare your data with forecasted outcomes.

Broad Application

Whether you are focused on financial information, technical data, maintenance databases, operational schedules, land leasing programs, or drilling comps, Surveillance by Exception supports the specific KPI’s you need to manage assets based on your role.

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