OMC 18 Recap

This past week, OVS held the Optimization Matters Conference 2018 (OMC18), which serves as a user conference and technology exchange. This year’s conference was hosted by Southwestern Energy (SWN) at their facility in Spring, Texas. Twenty oil and gas operators attended, as well as technology providers, implementers, and subject matter experts. By all accounts, the conference was a success.

The theme of this year’s conference was Discover What’s Possible. OVS Group’s clients and its partners have created many different combinations of workflows over the years using the OVS software platform, and many of those unique implementations were on display. Attendees were encouraged to “discover” what others have accomplished and share their own stories.

Richard Ward of McKinsey and Company provided the keynote address, speaking on the trends in the digitalization of the Oil and Gas industry. The talk gave a great backdrop for the entire conference. The keynote address was referenced several times by subsequent speakers through-out the conference. Richard pointed out that the industry has been “digital” since the early 70s, but clearly, some parts of the industry have moved at different speeds. He also showed how the introduction of the smart phone in 2007 changed the expectations of the digitalization process and re-calibrated how to measure a successful digital endeavor. The discussion highlighted three areas that will bring value to operators:  1) robotics/drones, 2) machine learning / AI, and 3) software automation. The expected value from each category was presented based on McKinsey research and project experience.

Over the one and one-half day conference, several operators presented their workflows to the audience. The presenters ranged from small US operators to large national oil companies, and many different types of operations were presented, highlighting the breadth of OVS-based projects. There were examples showing large on shore unconventional gas operations, small onshore waterfloods, unconventional oil operations, offshore brownfield surveillance, high volume conventional gas modeling, multi-field smart monitoring, and large-scale field monitoring with full reserves management.

The final presentation of the OMC was the first public unveiling and official release of the new OVS web client. The web-based platform offers not only mobile flexibility, but a completely re-architected user experience supporting dynamic dashboarding and data discovery. OVS announced that the delivery of the webclient will proceed pragmatically, based on the project and organizational readiness.

SWN were gracious hosts with first class facilities for a meeting of this size. Speakers at the conference invested a lot of time and effort to prepare, gain approval, and deliver very professional and interesting topics. This year’s OMC was certainly a grand success.  Content from the conference will be made available via OVS Group.


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