OVS Group Celebrates 10 Years!

OVS technology has been delivering engineering workflow automation to the oil and gas industry for over thirteen years.  In 2009, Jose Alvarez and Cheo Alvarez reformed the company under new investors as OVS Group LLC, and thus the 10-year anniversary celebration!  The OVS product is the third success of our founder Jose Alvarez, who also pioneered early implementations of production surveillance tools including PA © (Production Analyst) and OFM © (Oilfield Manager).  Like these previous industry successes, OVS has now spread into over 20 countries where it is applied from drilling/completions through reservoir and production, to field equipment monitoring.

The OVS system has routinely proven to drive tremendous personal efficiencies while managing to significantly increase field production.  Although many claim it, very few have proven it like OVS.  World Oil magazine recognized these accomplishments only last year as a finalist in the “Best Digital Transformation” category.  There is no doubt that we have our clients, team members, investors and families to thank for the success we have enjoyed.

We are proud to celebrate the first decade of OVS Group.  Check out our video series highlighting “10 years of OVS Workflows”. Like and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to track our success!


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