Production Data Analytics

Production Data Analytics accesses data sources to compare variables through charts or maps and analyze trends. With PDA you can quickly assemble reports using information pulled from thousands of wells, share findings with colleagues, and improve operational decision making. One of the main goals of One Virtual Source is to connect people to the information they need to know.  We have found that the easiest way to do that is by providing our users with tools to intuitively analyze complex data sets.


The application points to your existing data sources, removing the need to create another database.  Once configured, PDA provides detailed analysis on a scale ranging from a single completion to an entire field.  Real time production data and recorded production history are used to calculate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which you can plot or map in a variety of ways:

  • Single-well & multi-well production plots
  • Histograms
  • KPI vs. KPI cross plots
  • Engineering maps

Opportunities for PDA

The tools in PDA allow users to quickly parse complex production and reservoir information.  Maps and plots are easy to construct and can be scaled to include information from individual wells, groups of assets, or entire regions worth of data.  From there, you can build reports which can be used for any number of opportunities to improve performance:

  • Influence investment decisions
  • Facilitate rapid reservoir screenings
  • Uncover and resolve production issues, reducing downtime
  • Identify under-performing wells that would be good candidates for work-overs
  • Determine which factors to monitor over the life of field development
  • Discover new ways to track asset performance
  • Assess previous projects to shape future development

Third Party Software Utilization

In addition to being able to interface with other workflows from One Virtual Source—such as Forecasting and Virtual MeteringPDA can also use external applications as data inputs.  Just about any software resource can be configured as an input.  These include asset management software, like ARIES™ Modeler and WellView®, or production data systems like Drillinginfo or IHS®.


One of our clients uses PDA to make intelligent business decisions by evaluating the production data for assets they are looking to acquire. On one occasion, a mid-sized independent that operates in Latin America loaded the data for over 100 wells from 4 different fields into One Virtual Source.  They quickly evaluated the assets’ performance over the past 20 years as well as their potential reserves.  They spotted several wells that would need extensive work-overs in order to fully meet that potential.  In the end, the company decided the high costs in work-overs would not justify the acquisition.


PDA only requires an established connection to the appropriate data sources via the One Virtual Source platform.  One Virtual Source uses these connections in its other workflows as well, laying the groundwork for a robust asset management and optimization network.

  • One-time initial configuration of schema metadata to establish links between data sources and the workflow
  • Petroleum production data – either produced fluid volumes or volumetric flow rates
  • Uptime/downtime
  • Well count
  • Well location data

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