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Well Reviews are a core practice of any asset’s operation, and are conducted by companies of all sizes in all types of operational environments. In some cases, these reviews may be quick, one-minute assessments. Others may involve people from around the globe dedicating significant man-hours in order to analyze a problem. In all cases, well review processes share many similarities to each other.

The Challenge

Performing a well review is an exercise in gathering data. Typical requirements will include production data, geologic maps, logs, schematics, maintenance reports, well cost information, and workover history.

Gathering the data is challenging because often it is stored and sourced from numerous, disparate systems. Engineers spend too much of their time gathering and collating data when they could be performing engineering tasks. Even something as fundamental as production data can come from multiple, potentially conflicting sources such as production accounting, field data capture, SCADA, historians, and operational data warehouses.

The One Virtual Source Solution

Our Well Review Tool takes advantage of One Virtual Source’s built-in data integration capabilities to connect remotely to your existing data sources. The result is a product that enhances your well review process and maximizes your investment in existing systems.

Workflow in Action

Case Study 1: Weekly Well Review Process

A mid-sized energy company conducts weekly well reviews.  Participants typically include pumpers, technicians, production superintendents, production engineers, and operations managers.  Data is gathered from a set of wells each session. The reviewers convene regular, two-hour, sessions to review a specific set of wells, looking for opportunities to optimize production, reduce costs, or eliminate potential future issues.  The data gathering for the reviews is extensive. Many times crucial pieces of information are overlooked or simply not available.  During the session, transitioning from well to well is time consuming due to the need to switch between multiple systems of data.

This company implemented the OVS Well Review Tool to gather production data, forecasts, well completion information, well equipment summaries, real-time operating parameters, field comments, downtime summaries, lease operating expenses, and workover histories from 9 different sources.  In addition to connecting to these data sources, One Virtual Source provided the client with a configurable user interface allowing the data to be combined into a single experience.  The client was able to double the number of wells reviewed per week and significantly reduced the meeting preparation time.

Case Study 2: Exception-Based Review

Another company performs a similar well review process, however, instead of occurring weekly, their well review process occurs on an exception-based, as-needed basis.  When a well is flagged with an alert, the end user investigates the alert and reviews the well’s history, forecast, configuration, and other items. The client reported that implementing the OVS Well Review Tool reduced their data gathering time for this process by nearly 70%.


  • Data The OVS Platform is compatible with most existing commercial software, and easily be configured to accommodate your in-house solutions or niche applications.
  • A means to establish relationships across data silos Often this is via an API number, but any cross reference-able data type will work.


  • General Well Information
  • Production/Forecasts
  • Well Costs
  • Specialized Lifting Diagnostics
  • Well Events
  • Downtime/Losses
  • Wellbore Schematics
  • Logs
  • Surveillance-by-Exception Alert Panels
  • Model Summaries

Expected Benefits

  • An informed, comprehensive Well Review
  • Reduction in the time spent on low-value data aggregation tasks
  • A shared environment that puts everyone on the same page

Final Thoughts

Much of the data used in the Well Review is useful in other workflows. It easily becomes the starting point for operations, like Gas Lift OptimizationESP Surveillance,or Waterflooding.  We have streamlined the deployment efforts so that a typical well review can now be deployed in days.

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