OVS Workflow Library

One Virtual Source workflows consist of a series of instructions that allow processes to be automated and repeated, dramatically improving the efficiency of projects. Engineers and business managers do less data wrangling and more solution designing with automated workflows.

  • Cyclic Steam Operations

    Cyclic Steam Operations

    Proactive cycle management for cyclic steam operations.

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  • Partner and Regulatory Reporting

    Partner and Regulatory Reporting

    Automate required operational reports

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  • Oilfield Coordination

    Oilfield Coordination

    Streamline and prioritize actions to be taken in the field

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  • Uplift Analysis

    Uplift Analysis

    A tool to help an organization evaluate improvement efforts.

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  • Liquid Loading Surveillance

    Liquid Loading Surveillance

    Alerts to avoid liquid loading in gas wells before production is affected

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  • Flood Analysis

    Flood Analysis

    EOR and Waterflood Surveillance and Analysis

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  • Forecasting


    See the future of your production assets with Forecasting.

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  • Production Data Analytics

    Production Data Analytics

    Production Data Analytics accesses data sources to compare variables through charts or maps and analyze trends. With PDA you can quickly assemble reports using information pulled from thousands of wells, share findings with colleagues, and improve operational decision making. One of the main goals of One Virtual Source is to connect people to the information they need to know.  We […]

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  • Virtual Metering

    Virtual Metering

    The Workflow Measuring single-well production is a challenge. High costs make installing multi-phase flow meters on individual wells impractical. Instead, we have long relied on proportional allocations to make production estimates. Virtual Metering fills the gap in information. With the widespread availability of real-time measurements and well models tuned using workflows like WPA, Virtual Metering […]

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  • Compressor Surveillance

    Compressor Surveillance

    A vital part of any natural gas gathering and transportation system is the compressor.

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  • ESP Surveillance

    ESP Surveillance

    Monitors Electronic Submersible Pump optimization.

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  • Well Performance Analysis

    Well Performance Analysis

    Over the years OVS Group has accumulated quite a bit of experience generating workflows to help companies optimize their well’s performance.  These workflows often deal with optimizing artificial lift or validating a well’s production allocation or model predictions.  This experience has been compiled into a set of workflows called Well Performance Analysis (WPA).  WPA is available […]

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  • Well Review Tool

    Well Review Tool

    Single point access to a multitude of independent data sources.

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  • Marginal Well Identification

    Marginal Well Identification

    When the oil price is high we rarely look at wells to determine if they should be shut-in until there is a problem. The reality for the domestic oil and gas industry is that some wells are simply no longer economical. If the well is losing money it should be shut-in, but it’s never that […]

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  • Model Manager

    Model Manager

    Organize and manage in-house and third-party engineering models.

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  • Expenditure Surveillance

    Expenditure Surveillance

    Monitors and manages financial costs, budgets, and expenditures.

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  • Executive Dashboards

    Executive Dashboards

    Integrated operational insights in a context-aware solution.

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  • Compressor Monitoring

    Compressor Monitoring

    Manage, monitor, and optimize compressors using existing data sources.

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  • Gas Lift Optimization

    Gas Lift Optimization

    Provides automated set points and optimization for gas lifted wells and fields.

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  • Model Builder

    Model Builder

    Build well models in a fraction of the time.

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  • More Workflows

    Tailored workflow solutions to meet your digital oilfield needs.

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